The shed’s 6″ jointer machine was recently damaged by one of the cutting blade screws snapping off, resulting in 8 more blades being damaged along with damage to the two shoulder guides. This event required dismantling the jointer, replacing the damaged components and reassembling it, but not without a lot of head scratching by Kevin, Bill and Wozza before finally getting it back in working order.

This episode turned our thoughts to upgrading the jointer to a more versatile machine with a wider 10″ planing head and dual function as both a jointer and thicknesser. After consultation with the executive committee, the decision was made to buy the new machine and sell the old one. It was then arranged for Peter Cameron to up pick the new machine in Brisbane, and delivering it to the shed where it is now installed and operating. Kevin has given a group demonstration to members on the operation procedures, to be followed by individual training before members use it for the first time.

Old 6″ jointer

New 10″ jointer/thicknesser