A display case was commissioned by our member Bill Rosenberg (B3), and another member Wozza Street was asked to take on the project. Bill specified that the case is constructed from walnut timber, and has glass shelves and sides, with lockable doors. As the walnut is now an expensive timber to buy, Wozza was on his best game during the construction, although we did hear an occasional loud expletive coming from his area, then perhaps a small miscalculation might have been made, but subsequently rectified.


After some three months of painstaking work, and many rubbings of the brow, the case was finally finished and installed in Bill’s home, where it was filled with his greatly prized LEGO constructed models, one of which is the Roman Colosseum. A very satisfying result all around, and a classic example of the type of project taken on by our Men’s Shed.