Some Basics

The Men’s Shed workshop is an arm of the Vietnam Veterans Federation Brisbane/Gold Coast Regional Sub Branch Inc and as such, new members are required to join the Sub Branch prior to becoming workshop members. The Sub Branch is a ‘Not-for-Profit’ charity registered with the Australian Charities and ‘Not-for-profit’ Commission (ACNC).

Membership is open to Veterans, Serving Members of the ADF, past members of the services and volunteers from the community who may be able to provide valuable advice and experience to members in the operation of the workshop. The workshop is open to both males and females.

Members do not need any specific skills to become workshop members as qualified volunteers are available to train and mentor these people on any of the machines they wish to use.

In accordance with the Sub Branch constitution, military and ex military members become full members and all other members become associate members. This part of the constitution reflects the ratio of members to associate members elected to the committee.

The financial year of the workshop is 1st July to 30th June of any year and the annual subscriptions are $30 for the Sub Branch membership and $30 for the workshop. The fees are pro-rated in that 1st July to 31st October are full year fees, 1st November to 28th February are $20 for both Sub Branch and workshop fees and 1st March to 30th June are $10 for both Sub Branch and workshop fees.

The Sub Branch and Shed fees are used to help provide funding for the ongoing costs associated with the prudent and responsible operation of both facilities.

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