A recent Shed project was commissioned by a community customer to paint two natural finish wooden bar stools to two black bar stools in order to fit in with the customer’s décor.

Despite our reluctance to cover up the beautiful timber grain , we nevertheless, after quoting an agreeable price, accepted the customer’s wishes and proceeded to paint them black.


After close inspection of the stools, it was apparent, being of IKEA origin, that they could be easily dismantled, making it much easier to initially sand back and then spray paint. Greg Wells was given the task of dismantling and sanding, and Andy Bryson was given the task of painting. We initially thought that a litre of semi-gloss black paint would do the job, but it subsequently took nearly two litres, thus adding to the cost considerably.


Two coats of paint later, the last being with a “hardener” added to give a longer lasting finish, and allowing sufficient time to dry, the stools were reassembled by Greg, and the customer was delighted with the end result, although a little surprised at the cost of paint these days.