RAAF Museum Amberley

Men’s Shed bus trip.


A chartered bus trip to the RAAF Museum at Amberley Air Force base on Thursday June 22nd was organised for the members of the Men’s Shed on June 22nd. Leaving at 8am sharp, we arrived at Amberley well before our 9.30 am tour time, only to have to wait for our guide Brittany to arrive and process us through the base security system and receive our visitors passes. The waiting time was not wasted however, as there was a photo opportunity just outside the front gate, that being a beautifully presented F-111 , quite a sight.

We then reboarded the bus and we’re escorted through the base to the Museum, where we were given a briefing on what to see and do while there. There were four hangars containing various aircraft and memorabilia, ranging from a WW1 Sopwith Camel to the recently retired F-111. A short video was shown featuring the F-111’s features, including the “dump and burn” party trick and the emergency ejection of the entire cockpit.

There were many fixed wing aircraft, but also several rotary wing, ranging from the ubiquitous Bell 47, or Sioux as it was known in the Air Force, to the Black Hawk, demonstrating the huge advances in size and technology. All the aircraft were in pristine condition, a great credit to the museum staff. An adjacent open hangar contained a well preserved twin radial engined Caribou, one of the versatile work horses of the military, and this aircraft looked like it was ready to fly again.

Once we had seen all we desired, the bus took us to the Walloon pub for a refreshing meal and drink and a chance to sit and talk about our experience. A short one hour’s drive saw us back at the Shed, having had a most enjoyable outing away from the usual shed activities.

Black Hawk helicopter.

Chartered bus.

F-111 at base front gate.

Canberra Bomber.

Sioux helicopter (Bell 47).

Museum entry.

Boeing C-17.

Radial engined Caribou.

Pilatus Porter.

F-111 cockpit capsule after ejection.

Sopwith Camel, WW1 bi-plane.

Dakota C47. (Douglas DC3).

Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter.

Discussing the exhibits, waiting for lunch.