A private project by Andy Bryson has just been completed, that of a custom designed coffee table for his lounge room. This table has been on the back burner for some 18 months, but was finally begun during the Christmas/New Year quiet period. The design inspiration came from one of the Parker furniture range of the 1960’s, and was adapted to suit Andy’s lounge room requirements.

Tassie Oak was the chosen timber, and the various pieces were cut from lengths of 190mm x 19mm boards purchased from the timber storage container. The component pieces of sides, ends, legs, shelf and top were then cut and shaped, followed by many hours of hand sanding to get the desired finish. The next step was to assemble the table, using only biscuit joints and waterproof glue and several arms and hands to juggle the pieces into position before clamping.

Once the glue had set, final shaping and many more hours of sanding commenced, starting with 80 grit, and finishing with 400 grit, resulting in a glass smooth finish ready for clear lacquering. The last coat of clear lacquer had hardener added to it to give the table a longer lasting surface. This is an example of a private project that any shed member can undertake with the help and advice of shed members who can and do contribute their many years of experience in various fields.


Parker table design inspiration

Component pieces of the coffee table.

Assembly and clamping.

Final shape after sanding, ready for clear finish.

After final coat of clear.

Finished project in the lounge room.