The Ashmore and Parkwood Heights Joey Scouts Unit requested a visit to our facility to enable the Joey Scouts to present the veterans and members with hand painted “Thankyou” cards as a tribute to their service. Joey Scouts is a youth group catering tp youth between the ages of 5 – 8. Their program is dedicated to helping youth to fulfill their highest potential. as part of their program they would like to instill a sense of gratitude in their youth, and most importantly , they would like their youth to be grateful to the people who have fought for their freedom.

Their leader, Michelle Boucher and several helpers subsequently visited our site on Thursday June 1st, and the Joey Scouts were shown around the Men’s Shed and grounds, (after being given some strict ‘No-Touch’ rules) by our Vice President Kevin Roberts, assisted by Graham Huggins and Andy Bryson. The youngsters seemed to enjoy the visit immensely and asked many questions, some of which showed they were indeed paying attention to Kevin’s explanations. After the tour finished, the Joey’s then presented Kevin, Graham and Andy with the hand painted Thankyou Cards.

Joey Scouts on the lawn.

Kevin laying down the rules.




Sensible questions.


Quiet attention.



Ashmore and Parkwood Heights Joey Scouts Unit visiting our facility.