Thanks go to Kevin Roberts, Peter Cameron, Barry Litherland, Peter Handy, Don Lees, Michael Ragg, Jamie Greenlees, Wally Wright, Graham Huggins and Mick Caldwell for participating in the parking at the Country Paradise Parklands for the Southport & District Orchid Society Show, on  Saturday 8th October from 0815 to1330. Thanks also go to Margaret Cameron for managing a table and selling jams, honey, turmeric and cookies. A profit of $269.30 resulted from this endeavor. Thanks to Aimee and Hailey Caldwell for also getting involved by cooking and bagging delightful cookies for sale at the table. A big thanks to everyone!

Kevin and Andy were invited to attend the Orchid Society’s monthly meeting on 2nd November, where a cheque for $350.00 for performing the car parking task was accepted by Andy Bryson on behalf of the Men’s Shed.

Kevin’s Lucky Door Prize.

Best Orchid

The Orchid Society meeting included a competition for orchids in various  categories, with prizes being awarded for best orchids. There was also a lucky door prize, and surprise surprise, it was won by Kevin Roberts.