Opening of Meeting 1040 Tuesday 06 December 2022 

Recital of the Ode

Attendance: Andy Bryson (President), Peter Cameron OAM (Secretary/Treasurer), Ken Bridges, Warren Street, Frank Bosio, Jamie Greenlee, Garry Graham, Graeme Anderson, Don Lees, Greg Wells, Bob Graves, Bill Rosenberg, Peter Dowling, Wally Wright & Bob Koning

Apologies: Kevin Roberts & Roger May 


All Committee Members are reminded that we have an obligation to act in the best interests of our Organisation and in accordance with the Association’s Incorporation Act and ACNC Rules and Guidelines. We also must declare any possible Conflict of Interestfor the same 


Confirmation of Eligible Voters in Attendance

The Secretary confirmed that all members present were financial and entitled to vote

Declaration of Proxy Votes Received

The Secretary advised that a proxy from Kevin Roberts in favour of Andy Bryson had been received

President’s Report: 

Andy read his report which is attached

Moved Andy Bryson and seconded by Peter Cameron that his report be accepted

Minutes of Previous AGM

The Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting held on 26 October 2021 were tabled

Moved Andy Bryson and seconded by Warren Street that the Minutes of the 2021 AGM, as tabled, be confirmed as a true and correct record


Business Arising from Minutes of the Previous AGM

There was no business arising from the previous AGM held on 26 October 2021

Treasurer’s Report & Tabling of the FY Audit Report

Peter Cameron tabled a copy of the Financial Statements and the Auditor’s Report prepared by lan Rule of Simpson & Winslow Auditors & Accountants. Peter explained items considered to be of interest to members. The SubBranch remains in a sound financial position. A major improvement this year was that complete annual General Ledger Listings were forwarded to all members by email well in advance of the AGM. All questions put to Peter Cameron were explained and answered satisfactorily

Peter Cameron was thanked by the members by way of acclamation

Moved Peter Cameron and seconded by Bill Rosenberg that the Treasurer’s & Auditor’s Reports be accepted as tabled

Declaring all Management Committee Positions Vacant

Andy Bryson declared all positions vacant and called on Greg Wells to take the chair for the election of Office Bearers for 2022/20243

Election of Office Bearers for 2022/2023

Greg Wells asked for nominations for the position of President. Peter Cameron advised that Andy Bryson was the only nomination and in accordance with the SubBranch Constitution, Andy Bryson was duly elected President

Vice President: Kevin Roberts was the sole nomination and declared duly elected Vice President


Secretary/Treasurer: Peter Cameron was the sole nomination and declared duly elected Secretary/Treasurer

Committee Members: The following members were nominated and seconded in accordance with the SubBranch Constitution: Warren Street, Jamie Greenlees, & Don Lees. All these members were duly elected

The 2022/2023 Management Committee nominated, seconded and declared duly elected within the requirements of the Constitution is as follows

President: Andy Bryson

Vice President: Kevin Roberts

Secretary/Treasurer: Peter Cameron

Members: Warren Street; Don Lees; Jamie Greenlees.

Bank Signatories

Andy Bryson 

Kevin Roberts 

Peter Cameron 

Warren Street, Jamie Greenlees & Don Lees

All members of the Management Committee may be authorised to operate the bank account, sign cheques or approve Electronic Fund Transfers with at least one of the two required signatories being the President, Vice President or Secretary/Treasurer

Appointment of Auditor for FY 2022/2023

Moved by Peter Cameron and seconded by Greg Wells that Simpson & Winslow be appointed as the Sub Branch Auditor for the FY 2022/2023

Authorized Expenditure Limits

It was resolved that the current expenditure limits continue

A majority decision of a Management Committee may set expenditure limits up to $ 5,000.00 per project/item per position of the Management Committee. Expenditure up to and including $ 20,000.00 per project/item shall be authorized by a majority decision of the Executive Committee. All proposed expenditure above $ 20,000.00 to $ 50,000.00 shall be approved by a majority decision of the Management Committee. All proposed

expenditure above 

$ 50,000.00 shall require approval of a General or Special Meeting called for that purpose

Appointment of Auditor for FY 2022/2023

Moved by Peter Cameron and seconded by Greg Wells that Simpson & Winslow be appointed as the Sub Branch Auditor for the FY 2022/2023

General Business

There were no matters of General Business

Close of Meeting & Next AGM

Andy Bryson closed the meeting at 1105 and thanked all attending for their interest and participation. The date and time of the next AGM will be advised and is dependent on the receipt of the Auditor’s Report

Minutes Confirmed By 

Andy Bryson (President

08 December 2022 

Peter Cameron OAM (Sec/Treasurer

08 December 2022 

President’s Report 2022 AGM 

2022 has been a fast and busy year for the Sub Branch and Men’s Shed. Covid19 was still with us, and indeed is active again, but despite this, we achieved many things on both the project and ceremonial fronts. Your committee has helped steer this enterprise, and make no mistake, an enterprise it is, to a satisfactory financial year, and I thank each and every one of the committee and members for their efforts


Bunnings BBQs we’re not as plentiful as in previous years, mainly due to Covid, but after a slight misunderstanding with Nerang Bunnings, we are now getting regular BBQs from both Nerang and Robina, with three in a row currently. Commissioned projects continue to boost our funds, and my thanks go to the members responsible for completing those projects. The grounds and gardens are looking better than ever, with still more work needed to bring them up to scratch

Membership is on the increase, and this is not only good to see, but vital to the future of this enterprise. Thanks also to the Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers for their efforts with the hives, and particularly for the honey provided, it is a very popular item, with demand outstripping supply at the moment

As the current committee retires, a new one is about to be elected, and the next chapter begins. I note with a little sadness that the nominations for the committee are somewhat lacking, and although the committee will perform regardless, it does place a little extra pressure on the serving members. We all benefit greatly from the shed facility, but it takes a lot of effort on the committee’s part, as well as other members, to keep things running, so perhaps you might want to keep that in mind when next you make use of the shed facilities

Andy Bryson 


Vietnam Veterans Federation 

Brisbane/Gold Coast Regional Sub Branch Inc. 

VeteransSupport Group Men’s Shed, Nerang




It is with pleasure that I am able to present this financial report to members showing that the SubBranch is solvent and fully audited for the FY 2021/2022. This report follows on from the previous successful financial years since inception

The state of the SubBranch’s finances for the FY is shown below

BOQ Account 21969558: 

Bank Balance as at 01 JUL 21 

$ 93,818.87 

Bank Balance as at 30 Jun 22 

$ 99,788.86 

Bank Balance as at 30 Nov 22 (For AGM Info

$ 85,888.52 

Petty Cash on Hand

$ 25.40 

Outstanding Invoices: Nil 

Outstanding Liabilities: Nil except contracted costs e.g. telephone, rates, etc. 


Donations for the FY Totalled 

$ 3,440.20 

We received many smaller donations with amounts mainly from Bunnings BBQs and members for small jobs. We sincerely thank all donors for their generosity

Grants During FY 2021/2022



On going Operational Costs Grant for a new Triton Utility 

$ 6,000.00 

$ 33,804.00 


Grant towards a new SawStop 


Grants Pending


ANZAC DTF On going Operational Costs 


Some Other Major Sources of Income 2021/2022

Workshop Projects Biarritz General Repairs (EX GST) (Thanks to Frank Bosio and other members who assisted

$ 8,762.00 

Workshop Projects Quantum Café Boxes (Ex GST

$ 3,295.00 

(Thanks to Kevin Roberts, Greg Wells & other member who assisted

Bunnings BBQs Nerang & Robina (Ex GST) 

$ 20,636.60 

(Thanks to all members who participate in these BBQs

Bottles & Cans (No GST

$ 4,519.30 

(Thanks to Graeme & Roger and other members who assist 

as well a big thank you to all our donors

Firewood Sales (Ex GST

$ 1,239.00 

(Thanks to the members who split, stacked, bagged & sold the wood

Pure Honey (No GST

$ 2,779.00 

(Thanks to Graeme, Roger and the GC Regional Bee Club

Numerous items are donated regularly to the Vietnam Veteransby members and companies in the Gold Coast community. At the VVF Brisbane/Gold Coast Regional Sub Branch Inc Committee Meeting held on 05 Jun 18, a motion was passed unanimously that all profits derived from the sale of donated items be divided equally between the two Branches located at the Nerang site. The Qld Branch benefits substantially from this decision

Insurance: The SubBranch holds adequate public liability and building/contents insurance sourced through the AMSA. In addition, the SubBranch utility is fully covered with Director’s Insurance should fraud or other nefarious event take place


The SubBranch is in a very satisfactory financial situation. The executive follows several financial policies and procedures which will minimise the risk of fraud in the future. I thank our President, Andy Bryson, our Vice President, Kevin Roberts who is also our Shed Captain, Committee Members and other members/volunteers for their valuable assistance during the year

I present this report together with the 2021/22 Audit to members for approval

Peter Cameron Secretary/Treasurer 

02 December 2022