We are grateful to our generous supporters.

DIESEL.   One of our members, Hal Blanchard, is associated with his brother’s diesel distribution business and Hal regularly fills up the ute’sdiesel tank as an ongoing donation,   Hal filled the ute last Tue and we are most grateful for his & his brother’s generosity.   Hal just happens to be an ex-RAAF member.


The Sub-Branch Annual General Meeting was held at 10.30 on 06 Dec 22 and the following members were elected to each position:

  • President                         Andy Bryson
  • Vice President                 Kevin Roberts
  • Secretary/Treasurer      Peter Cameron
  • Committee                      Warren Street, Don Lees and Jamie Greenless.

The Workshop Sub-Committee appointed members are:

  • Chair                               Peter Cameron
  • Members                       Andy Bryson, Kevin Roberts, Frank Bosio and Drew Maywald (Bee Club Rep).

The Safety/First Aid appointed representatives are:

  • Chair                               Kenneth Bridges
  • Member                         Bill Rosenberg




Boot Sale Sun 15 Jan 23

Roger along with Drew, Michael, and Graeme organized a boot sale at Carrara Markets on Sunday 15 Jan. To get this going, Drew lent his 1944 ute along with Roger using the new triton, loaded up both utes on Sat with anything in site, and proceeded to the sale. I am told that they sold almost everything with what was left designated rubbish. The nett profit from this fantastic effort resulted in an amount of $794.85. Well done all.

QLD Police legacy scheme

Following the senseless murders of 2 QLD police officers in Wieambilla between Chinchilla and Tara on Dec 22, the executives of both the QLD branch and the Sub-branch both decided to donate $ 1,000.000 each to the QLD police legacy scheme which provides support to the families/children of the deceased police officers. The cheques were presented to the inspector of police at Nerang police station on 21 Dec 22. Both of these grants were ratified by the full committees of both branches at recent meetings.

Bunnings bbq

Over The NY break, we did 3 BBQs, one for the QLD branch and 2 for the sub-branch one of these BBQs was on the 01jan 2023 at Robina, and the nett takings were about half of the normal weekend BBQ. Nevertheless, both Branches were thrilled to receive a good profit. Our thanks go to the volunteers from both Branches for their efforts on these days.